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Showa LCB4 Series Automatic Gear Pump

LCB4-6391R3 (TY6P, 100V, LF0151E)
LCB4-011C (LC-T2, 100V)
The LCB-4 is a compact motorized unit designed for use with piston distributors. The assembly uses a type MLB015W2 pump with a 2 liter plastic or metal reservoir. All models come with a manual feed switch. Motor voltage includes 100v or 200v. Cycle frequency must be provided by the machines controller. Options include: Pressure Switch, Float Switch and Pressure Gauge.
LCB4-310C-7672 (TP-4B, 100V)
LCB4-6479R2 (TY6P, 200V)
Notice: Suction Filter should be replaced every 6 months or less, Part No.: F/1001


LCB4-210B, 200V
LCB4-7285, 100V
LCB4-7804, 200V
LCB4-310C-7672, 100V
LCB4-7816E, 100V
LCB4-510E, 100V
LCB4-7345, 100V
LCB4-7864, 200V
LCB4-6229, 100V
LCB4-7448, 200V
LCB4-8282, 100V
LCB-6391, 100V
LCB4-7467, 200V
LCB4-8296E, 100V
LCB4-6479, 200V
LCB4-7658, 200V
LCB4-8299E, 100V
LCB4-6502, 100V
LCB4-7661, 200V
LCB4-8501E, 100V
LCB4-6781, 200V
LCB4-8744E, 100V
LCB4-7091, 200V
LCB4-7755, 200V


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